Doom Land

“What happened?” “Where am I?” “What is this place?”

“Hello, is anyone there? This is a weird place”

Wandering around in an unknown place Dave felt like a patient waking up from a coma. In a landscape of barren lands and sandy desert, he was looking around for someone to hear out his cries. But alas, not a single living soul could be spotted until the horizon. After walking for a few miles he finally got a glimpse of an abandoned city with huge skyscrapers and broken buildings.

“Looks like no one lives here anymore. This city must have been abandoned hundreds of years ago.”

From his hindsight, he spotted a blonde girl. She was wearing the same outfit as him, a grey suit that seemed to be made up of nanocarbon fiber material with electro-dynamic capabilities designed for survival battles. Recognizing Dave, the girl came running towards him.

“Dave, are you fine? I was looking all over for you. Your GPS is untraceable.”

“Do I know you? Who are you? Heck, who am I? Where are we? What’s going on?” Dave sounded so confused.

“Oh my god! You are affected with temporal dementia! It will take a while for you to remember everything.”

“What? But who are you and what are we doing here?”

“I am Alicia and you are Dave, my partner. We both belong to the elite galactic forces Cosmic Dominion, responsible for maintaining peace and order throughout the galaxy. Our Reconnaissance Division received reports of a potential terrorist hideout in planet Kepler-452b formerly known as Earth. Hence we, from the Infiltration Squad were deployed here to analyze the intel, report back and take necessary actions based on the situation. Your capsule must have damaged during the crash causing your concussion due to which you temporarily lost your memories.”

“Whoa, that’s a lot of information to process in a minute. But, thank you. So since I barely remember stuff, why don’t you lead, where should we go now?”

“The tracking beacon shows that the terrorists are hiding south of this old city, should be a few miles from here, let’s go!”

“What happened to this place and where are all the other people?” asked a rather confused Dave.

“The inhabitants of this planet went crazy. They became so obsessed with the technological advancements that they started aggressively exploiting the natural resources of the planet. Things escalated quickly and within a few centuries, the Greenhouse Gases emissions had seriously damaged the ozone layer of this planet. A few decades later this planet neared its apocalypse with a toxic atmosphere and depleted resources including water. All carbon-based life forms were declared extinct by the Earth year ‘2319’. Later, Kepler-452b was declared uninhabitable by the Cosmic Dominion. This abandoned place must be what they used to call New York City.”

“A sad end to a beautiful planet” stated Dave.

“Indeed. The flora and fauna of this planet were well-known throughout the galaxy.”

“Anyway, according to the tracker, the building at the front is supposed to be a possible hideout of the terrorists. Let’s activate our defense cloaks and stay armed. Just use the interface on your wrist panel.”

With their defensive cloak activated ordinary weapons couldn’t deal any damage to their armor. Holding Pulse Canons as their weapon of choice, both headed straight for the building, ensuring they use the blind spots to enter avoiding any possible snipers.

Just while climbing the flight of stairs, Dave started having flashes of memories, like a dream. Fragments of conversations, his training, his fights, his wedding, the birth of his daughter, selection for this important mission, his deployment, slowly he was witnessing and reliving each moment of his life. Of what seemed like an eternity, Dave had regained his memories within a few minutes, all while suffering through a severe headache.

Holding him down, Alicia realized what was happening and to avoid Dave losing his consciousness at this critical moment she injected him with an Adrenaline Serum that she was carrying.

Having remembered everything, Dave stood up and thanked her for the quick decision.

“Did you remember everything?”

“Yes, everything, including the fight we had before deployment!”

“I was hoping you won’t bring that up but …”

“We’ll talk about it later Alicia. Right now, lets complete the mission we were sent here for!”

“And just like that, the attitude is back too. Great!”

Dave taking the lead this time, both approached the apartment cautiously and on the count of three, Dave blasted the door open. Observing the position of all the terrorists before him, he armed his gun and warned them of consequences should they not surrender. Startled by the turn of events, the terrorists dropped their weapons and hesitatingly, one of them stepped forward to speak.

“Please don’t shoot us. We’re not terrorists. We are Humans, the original inhabitants of this planet.”

“What the heck? Humans along with all other species on Earth went extinct years ago. Stop lying and come with us to the embassy!”

“We are not lying. We truly are Humans, you can use our blood samples to run a test against your database to confirm.”

After acting on their suggestion, the test results confirmed that they did belong to the Human species.

“But how is this even possible? The apocalypse should’ve wiped out all life forms on this planet!” claimed Alicia.

“A few of us Humans took shelter during those times, and what you call an apocalypse was, in fact, a mass genocide carried out by the Cosmic Dominion in secrecy. All of you people were kept in dark while they murdered billions of Humans and later declared Earth uninhabitable.”

“What rubbish are you spouting, you faggot! How dare you make such a huge accusation against the embassy! I’ll burn you alive!” shouted a furious Dave.

Alicia stopped him and injected the Human with a truth serum. Reaffirming the statements made just before, both realized that the person was undeniably speaking the truth.

The Human continued, “The Cosmic Dominion perceived Humans as a threat to other species and planets as well. They never trusted us to change, they didn’t want to risk saving Humans just to watch them demolish another planet of the galaxy. So they rescued all the other creatures of Earth, all except Humans! And we couldn’t blame them either because all of it originated from the malice of mankind itself. Only we were to blame. Perhaps we deserved it.”

“But how is any of this possible?”

“Have we been fighting for the wrong side all this time, Alicia? Are we the bad guys here?”

“I hate to admit this Dave, but it seems we were the actual terrorists all along………”

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