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A Cool Topic

Not giving anything away in this excerpt, but most probably you will like reading it so go ahead and read more!

The Mysterious Cure

It is up to the duo of best friends to find a cure for their sister’s strange illness. In their quest, they discover a dark secret, challenging their moral compass!

Technology: A Boon or a Curse?

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Technology also has a negative impact on our lifestyle. Feeding it with our precious time, and intellect, how long before it sucks us dry and leaves us to cry?


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Hear out the final battle-cry of a soldier, urging all of us to keep fighting not just against our enemies but also our inner demons

Doom Land

“What happened?” “Where am I?” “What is this place?” “Hello, is anyone there? This is a weird place” Wandering around in an unknown place Dave… Read More »Doom Land