Live Life On Your Own Terms

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How often do you take your life decisions based on someone else’s opinions? Our every action is derived from a single thought: ‘What will people say?’ Why are we so obsessed about that thought? Why is our every decision influenced by other people’s opinions?

Our lives are meant to be lived by us! Every decision of our lives should be ours to take. Granted, our well-wishers will always want the best for us but ultimately only we can decide what we want and is better for us. Opinions do matter but only up to a certain extent.

Dogmas are based on varied perspectives and ideologies which need not necessarily be similar to that of ours. Sometimes few decisions are solely inspired by a strong sense of faith braced by instincts. No logical reasons are required, it just needs to be done. That is how every decision of our life is supposed to be taken.

People offering their opinions may or may not be aware of our likes, dislikes, reasons, insights, emotions or notions for our actions and decisions. Discarding all these factors, we instead get influenced by their outlook. At the end of the day, it is our life and we should live it the way we see fit.

Decisions taken solely based on other people’s standpoints will have a high probability of repentance and reprehension for our life turnout. Contrarily, decisions that are taken based on our own reasonings, sentiments and creed will always end up making us happy and contented. Albeit the occasional regrets, by only having ourselves to blame, we’ll end up owning and taking responsibility for our actions.

Consider advice and suggestions, endorse and contemplate about them, but eventually pursue the path your heart is inclined towards. Just mute the background noise and hearken your heart.

Always remember, with every decision you take in life, you either Win or you Learn!

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