Every Breath

By Nicholas Sparks

A heartwarming piece of work that I have read of Nicholas’s which is heart wrenching all together at the same time as we go through the simple life of the characters, Tru and Hope.
All set on the beach of North Carolina where they both meet, and in Zimbabwe, where Tru is born and brought up.
The sole important part of the complete story was the Kindred Spirit which the author says really exists on the sunset beach of North Carolina even today and a place where I would really like to go and read all the letters and notes. I want to read the fears, the secrets people have put in there, in the form of confessions, the nightmares and the stories that people have to share.
Whilst Spark is very much specific with mentioning the beach, something new that was brought in, in this story, was the exotic countries of Zimbabwe and South Africa.
Sparks has not made the readers feel obscured because he has described every small detail about Zimbabwe. Its habitat and the diverse wildlife that it has, the Jungle Safari and all the details we would need to understand the country. On the other hand, readers do very much feel belonged to the beach of North Carolina, similarly as we feel like we have grown up to that in every story of his.
I have always loved the way sparks describes any place, be it any beach of North Carolina or Zimbabwe and that way it makes the reader feel belonged.
Readers will be able to comprehend what the climax would be, but in this one Sparks’ has made it even before beautiful.
I won’t say the climax was any different but the way it has been put across in this story was less piercing and more heart touching. In simple words, it was different than his norms that are already set in the reader’s mind who has been following him.
There is an adventure,
There are emotions,
There is heartbreak,
You may cry turning every page
and then there will be the fate which would set everything right by the end of the story.

Love always, Nicholas!

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