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The title was just to lure you in ๐Ÿ˜ Might as well read it now that you’re already here.

It’s been a while, almost four months since my last blog. Every other day I had been trying to get myself to write something but it just seemed like a drag. Certain circumstances in life make you lose interest in everything, even in stuff you once enjoyed working on. Iโ€™m sure many of you can relate to this especially during current situations. Mindlessly wasting your time in unproductive tasks becomes the norm. Be it personal issues or professional setbacks, going through them, challenges every ounce of your character. Such moments kind of force you to explore your flaws and hidden potential at the same time. It can be tough to navigate your way through trains of negative thoughts, but I think we owe it ourselves and those who believe in us to fight back and emerge as an evolved person. This is not an emotional rant or a motivational post, just a heartfelt sharing of something personal with my readers. My lack of PR skills has restrained the blog audience and not many of my own acquaintances bother reading them. It often discouraged me, still does, but I just keep reminding myself of the reason I started writing, the reason I decided to develop my own site instead of posting on renowned platforms like Medium. I recall a statement I had written in my first ever article, about superheroes,

A Superhero is not all about superpowers, costumes, high-tech weaponry, armours, or combat. It is their ability to help others without desiring any appreciation.

You wonโ€™t always receive the deserved appreciation for your work and guess what, that is fine. Sometimes we just have to let go of those instant gratifications that social media has managed to infuse us with. Letting dopamine addiction stand in the way of our interests is lame. For me it has been my writing and photography, for you, it could be something else that you love. It is necessary to treat our passion as a duty rather than giving in to the lust for admiration.

Perhaps all of this may strike as too monkish, but with the world, as it is right now, even after all of this gets over, nothing will ever truly remain the same. So it’s only natural to adapt ourselves by changing a few aspects of our life. This pandemic has not just affected people physically, maybe mental health has also taken a hit with rises in layoffs, pay cuts, unemployment, bankruptcy, aside from the unrest by paranoia and anxiety. Amidst all of this chaos, it is equally important to make time for ourselves and nurture our interests. Recultivate those lost hobbies or try developing a new one, just indulge your mind in something that triggers the creative and cognitive abilities of the brain. While trying to increase your immunity to stay healthy, ensure your brain flourishes too. I mean it is not like I am achieving any wonders myself because honestly many of us are sailing on the same boat. Just wanted to reiterate that this is a great time to learn new and interesting stuff while relaxing at home. I โ€ฆ

It appears I have hit a writerโ€™s block and ran out of thoughts to write about, after all, how long do you expect me to stretch this topic. Iโ€™m still trying to think of a cool way to end this article.

Nahh, Iโ€™ll sign off absurdly for a change.
Class dismissed.

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