Wars Are A Bad Affair

Wars are a bad affair, swords and spears, shields and helms, metal bashing metal, flesh cutting flesh!! This would be my first,  it’s nothing like the training I had!! My knees grow weaker and weaker as I hear the enemy marching and roaring, it’s a dead silent moment even with all the noise, I can almost hear my heartbeats. But the war drums, they fill me with vigour and zeal, Today Odin I shall bring you honour. It soon begins, the moment we’ve all been waiting, I hear the war drum beats changing, The Blood seems as if it’s quenching the ground like the rain does. The sky seems red too, as if the blood vapours have coloured it themselves. The ground trembles as the enemy charges towards us, With all my strength I clash my sword against the enemy’s, we both have the same look in the eyes, both wanting to tear each other apart, But there’s something else too a feeling of respect, we exchange glorious blows and slashes but my steel turns out to be harder. Farewell warrior you fought well. I feel the warmth of his blood over my hand…running through my sword, Feels like another life is fed to the hunger of my blade. I slay as many as I can to protect my king until i feel a crushing pain in my stomach. Something is jutting out tearing through it, a spear! I can barely walk but it would be a disgrace in Valhalla if I give up now, I still hear the war drums in my ears like thrusting words of Odin. I swing the last slash from my blade and kill my foe. My body is broken I can barely move, As I struggle to remove the spear a crushing sensation overwhelms my whole being, seems like it’s a lightening bolt that hit me. But the heavens disappoint me, it’s just a measly arrow! My body breaks and hugs the ground, I see the man I slayed lying next to me, but I don’t see him as the enemy he was for we are to share our glories soon, I close his terrified eyes but it’s my sight that darkens,….. it feels so cold. Maybe this is the end, Valhalla here i come!! The last thing I see is her face, the only thing I want to see. I miss you and I will always love you my wife. My ears are longing for her voice like the Moon longs the starless night. It all darkens.!! (….)

I hear someone calling out my name, a lady..is it you valkyrie?? Has the time come to march with the Glorious himself? But what’s this pain, Maybe not today. I wake up to her face sleeping in her arms like it’s a dream! I want to say many things and I try to speak with all the strength I could spare, but she just kisses me and says I know “wars are a bad affair”.

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