Synthetic Love

Was it love or was it a dream?
Or was it whatever you wanted to believe?
Did I feel so empty before?
If its over then why do I feel so relieved?

“Take off your armour,” you said.
It was like paradise in a land of fools,
“Just take my hand, we’re running out of time”,
Chasing around blind, I followed you.

Though tied by the string by fate
We were once free.
We had sugar dreams,
“It was meant to end,” I said, “You’ll see.”

I was drowning in desire, your hair, your skin,
Jumped in too soon, I am sorry that I cannot stay.
Hoping you would let me in,
Now I feel light-years away.

Was it love or was it a dream?
My heart is black and blue.
Trying to turn something old into something new,
I don’t want to be reminded of anything that connects to you.

You fell in love with a feeling,
It died a little every time I lied.
It could have been like fireflies
Magical, but that fire died.

And every night when I sleep
I can smell your ghost,
Get reminded of your taste,
Like the sun and wind, now memories lost.

A part of you dies as time goes on,
In the end it was always about you,
I will go on with my life,
Love will decompose, it was anyway too good to be true.

What once sparkled like the priceless jewels,
I wonder how much of it was true?
As I am falling, falling out of love,
Falling as I give up on you.

I remember as my world is crashing down,
There was a song we secretly sung in the dark,
Now it feels like a curse,
“Forever we would be one beating heart.”

Was it love or was it a dream?
Or was it whatever you wanted to believe?
If it was all for me, if I can leave all behind me,
Then come find me when you can let go of everything.

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