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Commemorating World Book Day 2020

Reading has always been my hobby ever since I was a kid. Back then, I used to read storybooks a lot. Because I used to love the way it creates an imaginary world of our own where we assume everything to be as per how we want it to be, the city, the gardens, the house and even the characters, all of our own.
It puts me into someone’s life, I dwell in it and then come back to my own. Feeling what the person is feeling, the love, the pain, the anxiety and every kind of abstract thing that ever exists.
It has indeed taught me a lot in my life. It has opened up a lot of perspectives in front of me for many things. I get attached to the characters while I am reading any book and every time, with all my heart, I only wish that this story would have never ended.
Acceptance, expectations and keeping a positive attitude are the other things that I have learnt from these pages. These aren’t any self-help books. Don’t quite prefer to read that genre. I have learnt these things from the lives of the characters that are put into these stories and these are the best kind of lessons you learn.
I am not one always wishing for a ‘Happy ending’ at the end of the story, but there you go, at the end of the story, I believe, you always should have this one moral, one lesson that you learn from it which you are able to apply it into your life. You always should be able to understand the wavelength the writer was on while writing that story and what it is that she/he wants to communicate.
I have been through works of authors who were a real gem when it comes to narration.

I like reading mystery, thriller, romance, fantasy, classics, fiction, non-fiction.
Few authors that I truly admire are (in no specific order) Agatha Christie, Khaled Hosseini, Paulo Coelho, Nicholas Sparks, S Hussain Zaidi, Cecilia Ahern, Jeffrey Archer. Also, now that I have started reading the works, I did like Franz Kafka and Haruki Murakami as well.
I admire the narration by Agatha Christie and the story plot she puts across because it is really not a cakewalk to write Murder mysteries. Agatha makes sure that the reader hangs on till the climax who has no idea of what the end would look like.
Nicholas Sparks’s love stories are admirable because I have started to believe that there need not necessarily be happy endings at the end of every story and that’s what life is all about and then the Quotes that he has in his stories are Super amazing.
Khaled has written 4 books and I have all of those, out of which I have read two so far. How beautiful it is to put multiple stories together into one and dwell into the lives of those people. Khaled has made it just amazing.
Moreover, I don’t think I have to explain why I like the works of Paulo Coelho. For me, they are more than what a Self-help can give.
Today, I have across 145 books on my bookshelf and of course many are yet to be read.
I am far away from imagining my life without books. All I want is books, books and books.

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  1. Your love for books can definitely be felt through your words. It’s a great piece of article.

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