The Unexpected Guest

Story adapted by Charles Osborne and written as a play by Agatha Christie

A Suspense-Thriller. Unlike her other books, you are not afraid while going deep into the story because you know who the killer is right from the beginning so that doesn’t make it any fearful. Christie’s language and vocabulary is one thing I have always loved. The way Christie narrates a story is the best possible thing because putting across a Thriller/Murder Mystery is not easy. A lot of analytical sequence of events and math goes into it.

This story is about a man who is found dead sitting on his wheelchair inside his bungalow by a man whose car is caught in a ditch due to fog and steps up to this house to seek help in the middle of the night. He finds the wife of the victim holding a gun and claiming to have murdered her husband. The Unexpected Guest, however, offers the young lady to cover up for the crime. The lady tries to convince the guest to call the police and inform them about the crime but he seems to be reluctant to do it and rather prefers helping her. Together they plot up a plan to blame the murder on a past enemy of the victim which they are very well able to do so.
The lady is trying to cover it up for someone. As the characters in the house unfold, the lady realizes that the one whom she is trying to cover up has not, at all, committed the murder. But then, who did?

Well, everyone wanted the victim to die because of the kind of nature he had. He was a hunter and after he was put into the wheelchair, he had become vindictive and used to drink a lot.

There are not as many characters like her other stories that I have read so it is easier to grasp the story quickly and easily, unlike other books like ‘And then there were none’ or ‘The Murder on the Orient Express’.
Christie has put in a map of the house as well, for us to get a better picture of the story in our minds.

Christie compels you to think of who could have done the murder even after unfolding all the possibilities of it.

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