By Nujeen Mustafa & Christina Lamb 

Written along with Christina Lamb: Co-author of I am Malala. It was incredible, how the willpower of a girl, diagnosed with cerebral palsy, on a wheelchair, had the guts to leave her home and family to seek asylum along with hundreds and thousands of other people of her own country.

In her book, she explains what it is to grow up under a dictatorship rule, only to be disowned by their own leader and being attacked by his army. It is a day in and day out, sequence of events that occurred while looking for asylum.

Crossing 9 countries as a refugee while expecting everyone to understand that there is no difference between a refugee and a normal human, it’s just that they have lost their homes, their dear ones or maybe they might have even lost everything they had.

She tags themselves as “World’s biggest stateless Tribes”.

She aims to fly high and has dreams of becoming an astronaut despite knowing that it is barely possible while going all the way to London to meet the queen. She learned English by watching Hollywood shows since she knew how utterly beneficial the English language would be throughout her journey.

This is one of the stories which would fairly justify the “Never give up“ attitude.

Nujeen walks you through the pain and sufferings the people in Syria have been through and that it has now been so many years, they barely see it ending anytime soon.

It is a book which will make your heart cry, reading about the miseries of the people living there, the problems and hardships they have had to face amidst the war which is unfavorable to everyone.

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