Dangerous Minds

By S. Hussain Zaidi & Brijesh Singh

This Book puts across the various facts about the blasts that took place and also the fact that these were in order to commemorate a few deadly scars from the past.
The triple blast case was taken place exactly 10 years after Babri Masjid Demolition. The Mulund train blast intended to commemorate the 1993 Bomb blasts.
The retaliation for the Gujrat riots was the Ahmedabad bomb blasts.
Zaidi and Singh have themselves studied the mind and motivations of these criminals by interviewing them in Prison or the courtrooms.
This book has precisely described the lives of those people/families who were an intricate part of these blasts. Detailed to a depth where a reader would understand where things went wrong.
The authors walk through the details of their lives in and out.
These were the people who were professionally successful or on the path of being so: working as a doctor, software engineer @ Yahoo India, a medical student, Civil Engg student.
What motivated them? Mostly influenced via social media and social gatherings, one of them came across the Israel – Palestine conflicts and had made up his mind to dedicate his life to Islam and migrate to an Islamic country and ultimately dedicated his life to Jihad.
Dr Jalees Ansari – Associated with the Cooper hospital, one of the most reputed in the capital city, was a well-respected man in his community who drove his whole family into Jihad, the one to motivate him was a motivational speaker in Jama Masjid (where Jalees went for his prayers) who was on a path to avenge and retaliate for the riots in Bhiwandi.

Under the guise of religious discussions, influencers, I would rather say such recruiters deceptively turn people into killers and haters of humanity. This is very well mooted by the authors.
The homework and the findings, interviews and the digging deep into the details done for this book is extensive.
Zaidi and Singh mentioned this as an arduous and daunting project. Very much detailed as if taken directly from the Police files. A lot goes into the making of this book and Zaidi especially has not disappointed us as usual.

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